The integrityworks workshop is a thoughtfully designed, day-long event that draws boards and senior management into the business principles process. The workshops are not about training so much as awareness, understanding and decision-making. Using dilemmas and other techniques, we seek to create an environment where senior players can create an ethos that responds to the growing needs for consistency and transparency in corporate behavior. Our view is that commercial operations can become compatible with changing expectations with careful consideration.

integrityworks has refined the workshop format over years of working with clients all around the world. This unique event is regarded by many of our clients as an indispensable part of their efforts to develop, promote, and train. The workshop will benefit your company in a number of ways, as it:
  • Identifies and confirms commonly held values and principles within your company
  • Increases ownership of the principles and the process among participants
  • Helps identify ethical "gaps" between principles and practice in a secure and confidential environment
  • Builds cross-company and cross-cultural understanding and cooperation

The workshop is intended for use at any stage of the integrityworks process.

  • During the research/consulting phases, the workshop, in conjunction with a survey, provides an ideal tool for determining a company's ethical temperature.
  • During training, a series of workshops serve an important "train-the-trainer" function as the effort cascades throughout the organization.
  • Post-training, during the measurement phase, the workshop provides an invaluable tool for testing the efficacy of training as well as another opportunity to measure ethical "gaps"

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