We work with companies, from leading global players to smaller organizations, to develop powerful and effective education and training. integrityworks provides all the services to identify, launch, implement and sustain training that meets the needs of legislators and regulator alike. We do this by ensuring that employees at all levels are aware of your organization’s principles, and helping them to apply these principles to real-life situations. From our Board and senior executive workshops through to our on-line employee training, we aim help your people avoid the ethical mistakes that lead to costly breaches of regulations. Our philosophy is that prevention is better than cure. The only sustainable and effective compliance regimes are those that enlist employee support, and that’s what we aim to achieve.

  • Executive and Board Workshops are thoughtfully designed, day-long events that draw senior and middle management into the business principles process. To read more click here.
  • Web-based, Interactive Training Modules: Click for a list of subject areas
  • The Business Principles Academy: A full-featured ethics and compliance training portal customized to fit your organization. Click for a short descriptive tour
  • The Integrity Awareness Monitor: A unique survey exercise that keeps ethics in front of employees 365 days a year. Click for more.

Process Overview: We work closely with you to design and implement a training program that meets your needs and fits the realities of your organization. The questions that we seek to answer in the early stages of the process are:

  • Who needs to be trained?
  • What techniques and technologies will best fit the organization?
  • Who will drive the process through the organization?
We provide the following services as determined by the answers to those questions:
  • Planning and strategy
  • Material production
  • 'Train-the Trainer' sessions
  • Workshop facilitation
  • Ongoing support
Outcomes and Deliverables
  • Training strategy: A written plan outlining the best combination of materials, techniques and people to fit your needs.
  • Training Materials
    • Internet and CD-ROM based modules
    • Presentation materials
    • Video
    • Print
  • Support Materials
    • Leaders guides
    • Presentation notes
  • Assessments: We are strong proponents of assessment-based training. We generally recommend assessments before and after training to constantly test efficacy.
The Business Principles Academy: This online ethics university is a powerful platform for supporting ongoing training and measurement. Click here to learn more.
Red Flag Game
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  The Business
  Principles Academy
works' full-
  featured online solution
  for managing and
  delivering ethics training.
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integrityworks worked closely with ING staff to first perform a company wide corporate ethics consultation, then to develop a Statement of Business Principles and finally in the production and implementation of a worldwide education and training program distributed via web-connected CD-ROM.

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